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Chiron enables your students to tackle math homework problems far beyond their grade.

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Setting homework is now a breeze
Chiron already knows what your students are struggling with, and will help you find the best problems for them to work on.
Just ask Chiron
You can talk freely with Chiron, allowing you to find just the right problems for your students.
1-to-1 teaching for your students
Chiron is an active socratic teacher, helping your students conceptualise the problems they are working on.
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Snap a photo
Your students can work exactly as they would on paper, and receive instant teaching on their progress.
  • Receive active teaching
    Chiron never spoils an idea, and seeks to help your students conceptualise the problems they are working on.
    Talk freely with Chiron
    By discussing ideas, Chiron can understand the root of your students' misconceptions, and help them overcome them.
    Pinpointed analysis of their understanding
    Chiron offers you an unprecedented level of insight into your students' understanding, placing you in the best position to help them next lesson.

    Class 10a

    Student Progress
    3/5 Completed
    5/5 Completed
    To the point
    We know your time is precious, so Chiron offers direct insights into the minds of your students.

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