Our vision for education

Every child will soon have a super-intelligent AI teacher by their side. We want to make sure they instill a love of learning in children.

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The joy of

uncovering, exploring, and understanding

new ideas should be at the forefront of all learning

Active Teaching is the future. By placing the student at the heart of the learning process, engagement is bolstered, grades improve, and most importantly, learners cultivate an intrinsic passion for understanding.

Multimodal AI will scale it. To extend the best active teaching to every student, we need more teachers, by an entire order of magnitude. This is why we are building Chiron, a teacher that will be able to understand and reciprocate free-form writing, natural dialogue and emotional articulation.

The power of


Every new idea needs a spark. Starting with a question or a puzzle, Chiron propels students to search for a path forwards, inspiring them to create their own knowledge stories.

Constructivist learning works. With this evidence-based superpower, the frameworks students construct can readily be recounted when they're needed most. No rote-memorising formulas, as they'll always be a short story away. The best teaching really is all about the journey.

Keep asking

great questions

Bring scientific scrutiny to your learning. Champion clarity over conjecture, and don't settle for half-baked ideas. If in doubt: you can't use it unless you can prove it.

Students don't know what they don't know. And that's why asking the right questions is so important. Just as Chiron will ask scrutinizing questions, so too must the student. It's not an easy skill to master, but in the current landscape, it's the most effective standalone paradigm to improve learning with language models. And Chiron knows this.

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